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Damiana – A Gift from the Mayans

Damiana is one of the key ingredients in the formulation of VigRX Plus. Turnera aphrodisiaca, its scientific name, is a small shrub.

Note that there are 2 species of damiana, the other one being Turnera diffusa. It thrives in places where there is lots of sunlight. It is best grown where there is a dry ground and a lot of sun.

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It is native to Central America, Mexico, Southern California, and Texas. They often grow on rocky hillsides as well as in areas where there is a lot of sunlight. One of its most notable features is its aromatic leaves.

The Uses of Damiana

This aromatic perennial shrub is harvested today due to its aphrodisiac effects, which is why it is included in the formula for VigRX Plus. The extract from its leaves is used to boost male potency. It is also known as a folk cure to induce an increase in a man’s sexual desire.

However, damiana is also used to treat other conditions such as the following:

  • Poor mental stamina
  • An overall feeling of weakness
  • Constipation
  • Stomach problems
  • Depression
  • Bedwetting
  • Headaches

Note that there are people who inhale the fumes of damiana leaves. It is believed to induce a certain level of high. However, this claim still needs to be verified.

Benefits of Damiana Leaf Extract

For hundreds of years, damiana has built a reputation as an orgasm stimulator and an enhancer of penile erection. Unfortunately, we have yet to see whether the big guys in the medical world will do any human trials on this potent herb.

It’s kind of baffling that local folks in Mexico have used it for generations yet doctors around the world have still taken no notice. But there are have been clinical tests done on mice and it has been observed to be quite useful for them.

It has also been discovered that the compounds in damiana can become more potent when it is taken with Vitamin B6.

Early research has shown that when combined with other ingredients such as ginseng, vitamins, Ginkgo biloba, and L-arginine, that it can improve the frequency and strength of orgasms, increase sexual satisfaction and other improvements in a man’s sex life.

Of course, human testing is still needed to validate the current practice and use of locals.

There is also research that hints that combining damiana with yerba mate and guarana can help people lose weight. Again, human trials are necessary to validate this as well.

The VigRX Plus formula takes advantage of its inherent benefits, in spite of the lack of actual medical studies on this specific herb.

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