VigRX Plus: Results from Actual Medical Studies

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VigRX Plus is not like any run-off-the-mill male enhancement herbal formula. It’s one of the pioneers in its industry with almost 20 years of experience to boot.

Many competing products have come and gone, but this natural male enhancement product has shown resilience. That is evidence of itself that this product works.

Actual Clinical Results

For the longest time, herbal products and alternative medical solutions have had zero support from the medical community.

There have only been few if any studies performed to validate the claims of different herb-based products.

The only thing that the makers of alternative medicine have going for them is testimonial evidence. Well, that sort of evidence is well and good, but they have a flaw – they are subjective.

There was no way to validate the claims of the people who testify to the efficacy of these products – natural male enhancement supplements included.

And then comes along VigRX Plus.

This natural male enhancement supplement turned things around for natural health supplements.

You can add “for good” at the end of that statement. For the first time, an herb-based pill was being clinically tested, and its claims were verified.

First off, the tests were legit. You can read the 56 plus pages of published and peer-reviewed papers online.

Vedic Lifesciences Pvt conducted the study. Ltd, and it took them a couple of years to complete their tests.

Before anything else, here are the results:

  • Test participants report a 61% increase their overall sex satisfaction
  • They also report a 62.82% increase in their ability to keep an erect penis
  • These guys also report a 22.49% increase in the quality of their orgasms – that means they could orgasm more and they ejaculate more with each orgasm
  • They also report a 47% increase in their sex drive
  • Since they had harder erections, the guys who took VigRX have shown a 58.97% increase in their capability to penetrate their partner
  • Finally, they also report that their overall satisfaction during intercourse increased up to 71.43%

These results and the review of the conducted tests are published in the US Library of Medicine, BioMed Central, and in the National Institute of Health (1).

Note that these are the results for the group who took this male enhancement pill. The results you will experience, in case you decide to try it, may vary a bit.

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What Do These Results Mean for You

These test results show that this male enhancement product works. The tests can be verified by actual medical doctors when needed.

It also means that the multi-ingredient formula in this product has the potential to help you gain better erections and other stuff as well.

Other than rock solid erections, one significant factor is that it can increase a man’s libido by as much as 47%, according to test results.

Remember that pharmaceutical medicines only give you instant erections. They do not boost your sex drive – but VigRX Plus can.

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(1) Shah G, Chaudhari M, Patankar S, Pensalwar S, Sabale V, Sonawane N. Evaluation of a multi-herb supplement for erectile dysfunction: a randomized double-blind, placebo-controlled study. BMC Complement Altern Med. 2012;12:155.

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