What Doctors Have To Say About VigRX Plus

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It is no secret that the medical community today has a bias against herbal supplements and alternative medical products. You won’t find a lot of doctors lining up to affix their names on herbal products and solutions in the market.

That is why VigRX Plus is one of the rare herb based products out there. It’s not every day that you can find an herb based male enhancement formula that is endorsed by real practicing medical doctors.

This male enhancement supplement is a pioneer in its field. It’s been in the market for more than 15 years. You can say that this is the product that made herb based pills legit in the eyes of doctors today.

Dr. Steven Lamm Endorses Male Enhancement Supplement

Dr. Steven Lamm has appeared in The View, a hit show from ABC. In front of the cameras and before an actual audience, the good doctor said that he recommended this male enhancement supplement wholeheartedly.

He verified that he recommends this product to all men who are looking for a solution to improve the quality of their erections and boost their sexual performance.

He also admits that prescription medication only deals with the symptoms of the issue. In the same breath, he explained that prescriptions only provide short term solutions, although the results would appear somewhat instant.

Dr. Lamm says that the current prescriptions for male erectile issues usually just treat the symptoms. They don’t really deal with the actual underlying causes of the problems experienced by a lot of men today.

How It Is Changing The Landscape

This natural male enhancement supplement has demonstrated that herbal remedies do not just mask the symptoms. They can actually deal with the real causes of erectile dysfunction and a host of related problems.

Compared to prescription medication, herbal supplements tend to be much safer. This product has shown time and again that herbal solutions have fewer side effects. On top of that, if ever there are any side effects of these herbal solutions, they tend to be less risky compared to the side effects of prescriptions.

VigRX Plus has actually paved the way for more human trials to be performed using natural and herbal formulations. The process may be slow, but more clinical trials are on their way to test the claims of this and other related products in the market.

Current clinical trials also demonstrate that this product can offer real results. Note that these results are quantifiable. They are not just testimonial evidence. These are actual results that can be counter-checked by others in the medical field. Note that the results are currently quite promising with experts recommending more tests to verify the other claimed benefits.

Actual Clinical Studies Show Real Results

Another unique thing about this male enhancement solution is the results of actual clinical trials. The results show that VigRX Plus can provide the following:

  • 61% increase in libido
  • 49% increase in orgasms
  • 82% better chance to maintain your erection
  • A 58.97% increase in the ability to penetrate your partner

Of course the results you get may slightly vary from what has been reported in these trials. However, they demonstrate just how effective is this male enhancement supplement.

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